Arsenal icon Jens Lehmann ‘facing court-ordered psychiatric report after shock chainsaw attack on neighbour’s garage’

ARSENAL legend Jens Lehmann is facing a court-ordered psychiatric report.

The former Gunners goalkeeper is accused of attacking his neighbour’s garage with a chainsaw.

GettyJens Lehmann is facing a psychiatric report in a German court[/caption]

Lehmann made 200 appearances for Arsenal during five years in England, winning both the Premier League and FA Cup.

However, the 53-year-old is now facing a psychiatric report in a German court, according to Bild.

It is also alleged that the retired keeper has dodged multiple parking fine by speeding under barriers.

As a result, Lehmann stands accused of several examples of anti-social behaviour and will face a psychiatric report for an anti-social personality disorder, the report claims.

Criminal defence attorney Dr Adam Ahmed explained: “A court sees the need to obtain a psychiatric report and orders it in order to check guilt.

“These actions (of Lehmann) suggest a suspected diagnosis of anti-social personality disorder, in which the affected person has little empathy for others and often disregards rules and norms.”

Lehmann was met with several charges by the Munich II public prosecutor’s office back in June.

The charges included damage to property after he reportedly attacked the roof beam of his neighbour’s garage with a chainsaw in July 2022.

GettyLehmann allegedly attacked his neighbour’s garage with a chainsaw[/caption]

His outburst supposedly came because the garage was blocking his view of Lake Starnberg in Bavaria.

Police claim to have captured the incident on a surveillance camera.

Lehman is also accused of dodging parking fees at Munich Airport on two occasions.

It is claimed he drove out of the airport without paying for parking, despite the cost being less than £260.

Meanwhile, he allegedly insulted officers on a separate occasion after being caught using his phone whilst driving.

Lehmann reacted angrily when officers attempted to confiscate his driving licence, having received a one-month driving ban for being on his phone.

The report adds that a decision is yet to be made on whether Lehmann will face trial, but if it does he could face a suspended sentence.

Lehmann has previously been fined for both tax evasion and aiding and abetting an escape from an accident.

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