Are you a Humanitarian or Politician?

Are you a Humanitarian or Politician?

“Consider the following bitter truth;

1. Many people in developing countries who call themselves Humanitarians, who don’t use their own money and resources for humanitarian actions, are after their own pocket.

2. If your Humanitarian Accountability and Transparency doesn’t reach 95%, you are a politician and not Humanitarian.

For example, You were able to raise (via external fundraising/sponsorship) 2M Naira for a feeding project for school boys and girls. Out of the 2M, you pocketed 1.2M and spent 800k on the project. What makes you different from the corrupt politicians?

A real foreign Humanitarian sent relief materials to you to give out to poor people, you selected best of the materials for yourself and family members and then distributed the remaining to the poor. Are u a Humanitarian or Politician?

I have discovered over the years that so many Humanitarians from third world countries who don’t use their own resources for humanitarian actions are unfaithful and corrupt.

In Humanitarianism, physical sacrifice is very key. Stop being an unfaithful volunteer or Distributor. If ur put on a Humanitarian scale, what would u measure?”

This short and powerful message was delivered by Professor Blessing Lawal, Founder and Global President of GSFEN worldwide, at a special gathering recently held in Nigeria.