APC chairmanship: Musa digs in with robust agenda ahead of convention

Sani Musa, a senator representing Niger East, has a vision for the All Progressives Congress (APC). He sees a bigger picture than his current designation in the National Assembly.

Speaking with some select journalists on his aspiration, Musa explained that he had what it takes to lead the party.

Musa demonstrated single-mindedness in the pursuit of his objective which he openly began ahead of many.

At great pains to frequently explain why he wants to exit the Senate to head the party’s National Secretariat, Musa is trudging on despite the challenges posed by this self-assigned political enterprise. Determined to run the race to the end, he is encouraged by the increasing prospect of his victory at the party convention.

In many strategic locations in Abuja, huge signage advertising Musa’s political aspiration is in your face everywhere you turn. The aggressive marketing of his interest in the APC National Chairmanship has its own gains for a man whose popularity was previously measured with his contribution to his state and to national discourse on the floor of the National Assembly. He knew that a more searching probe will be carried out on his personality. On a level playing field, Musa is confident that even his most ardent opponent in the race for the national chairmanship of the All Progressives Congress acknowledges that he is a better candidate.

Before he was elected a senator, Musa worked in the public and private sectors. Since 2014, he has been one of the leaders of the APC and served as a member of the National Executive Committee (NEC) from 2019 to date. A studious look at his antecedents reveals one who is consistent. As a serving Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, representing the good people of Niger East Senatorial District and Chairman Committee on Senate Services, he said he has had an amazing experience serving as a first-term senator.

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Explaining his ambition for the post, he said: “My interest in the chairmanship of our great party, the APC is another call to national service just like my current position as a Senator of the Federal Republic. You must bear in mind that as a Chairman of the APC I can leverage on my experience here in the Senate to push the manifesto of the party to the National Assembly more efficiently. It will also give me vantage position to deliver reconciliatory leadership which the party needs now to navigate out of its present challenges.”

Musa is committed to using his leadership of the party to reinforce and keep the legacy of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Musa believes that Mr. President has given the APC party an ideology and presence in the international community, his democratic ideals and work within the sub-region and Africa, fight against corruption and his efforts at providing security are ideals that should form the bedrock of the party’s moral philosophy. Therefore, there is a need to have a leader that will continue to give full support and attention to such progressive efforts. And this is why he feels strongly about becoming the head of APC’s administrative machinery. All of his efforts, he promised will be directed to support the deepening of democracy in Nigeria.

Driven by a clear vision of the direction to which he is taking the party, Musa has been canvassing the broad themes of his manifesto, which is encapsulated in the three Rs- Reconciliation, Reorganisation and Redirection.

“I am seeking the office of the chairman of the APC to reposition the party to win elections and take Nigeria to its pride of place in the world. I want to provide for the party leadership that will continue making Nigeria stronger, more tolerant, more prosperous, and fairer by giving every member of our party equal opportunity. If found worthy to lead, I will devote my all in adhering to the goals and aspirations of the party, abide by the nation’s constitution, rule of law, the APC constitution, and manifesto,” he said.

The Niger East senator is not at all bothered about the hue and cries about the crises in the APC. He sees this as an advantage because it allows people to learn from such disputes. Even if the matters end in court, Musa still considers it an avenue for deepening the country’s democracy. It affords the judiciary the opportunity to expound and develop the law regarding issues in dispute which serve as precedents for the future, he said.

“I don’t see how disputes will affect the convention. I do believe that once I emerged the chairman of the APC, my reform agenda will address most of these challenges and reposition the party for the better,” he said.

Above all, he believes the APC reconciliation committee has done enough work going around from state to state to find solutions to all grievances either before or after the various congresses.

Although the date of the APC National Convention remains hazy, Musa is preparing as if it is tomorrow. “I believe we are ready and we are going to have a hitch-free convention that other parties will even emulate,” he reassured. He believes that all the indications for the conduct of the National Convention are positive. Musa eagerly awaits the blast of the whistle to race to the finishing line.