Anthony Joshua ring walk: What song does the heavyweight champ walk out to?

MUSIC and boxing have always gone hand in hand – or glove to glove.

One boxing champ who has made some memorable music choices when walking to the ring is Anthony Joshua – but what songs does he walk out to? Here’s everything you need to know.

AJ has sported a number of different songs on his way to the ring

What songs does Anthony Joshua walk out to?

Anthony Joshua has sported many different tunes on his way to the ring – from being rapped into the bout by recording artists, to classic British anthems.

In 2014, Anthony Joshua walked to the ring against Michael Sprott to the sound of Oxide & Neutrino’s Bound 4 da Reload.

In 2017, the heavyweight champ walked to the ring to the sound of The White Stripes “Seven Nation Army” – and it has since become a notable tune for AJ with fans adapting their own version of “Oh Anthony Joshua”.

A year prior, in 2016, the Watford ace walked to the ring with Giggs’ Talking da Hardest playing for all to hear.

Other examples used include Stormzy rapping live at the O2 Arena and UK recording artist Nines rap his tune “I See You Shining”.

The song Ambition from hip-hop star Maulo has also been used, as has the tune ”Warm” by artist K-Trap and music from American rock band Survivor.

What was Anthony Joshua’s last ring walk song?

In August 2023, Anthony Joshua returned to the ring where he faced opponent Robert Helenius at London’s O2 Arena.

Helenius filled in on just a weeks notice and was brutally knocked out in round seven.

Aside from the boxing bout itself, fans may also remember AJ’s last ring walk song.

The boxing champ walked out of his dressing room to The Godfather theme song, played by a solo violinist, but dressed in a blood-red robe straight out of the Scarface wardrobe.

What has Anthony Joshua said about his ring walk?

In 2022, Anthony Joshua paid a visit to SunSport where he discussed his heavyweight clash in Saudi Arabia.

And the boxing icon wasn’t afraid to reveal what musician he would have loved to collaborate with for his ring walk out.

AJ said: “Skrapz, Giggs, or Digga D or Central Cee. They’re the younger generation coming through.

“I speak to Digga quite often. He’s cool, so maybe Digga.”

What have fans said about the heavyweights ring walks?

Fans often rush to social media to share their thoughts on the latest ring walks – and AJ’s are no different.

After the boxing ace walked out to a live rap performance from drill artist K-Trap in 2023, fans took to social media to share their thoughts – and some were left divided.

One wrote: ”It was the worst ring walk I’ve ever seen.”

While a second said: ”He lost already with this walk in.”

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