Anambra Of Our Dream!

Going through the reactions on my yesterday’s post on The Wages of Graduates In Anambra State, I feel so low that the situation is worse than I discovered. I learnt that people earn 8k monthly – working from Monday to Saturday.

That means, in a 30day month with 5 Sundays, he will work for 25 days and earn N320 daily.

A great friend compared the cost of living in Lagos and Abuja to the cost of living in Anambra State. Still, I am conflicted on the degree.

I lived in Abuja for 12 years. The only 2 expensive things in Abuja are rent and lifestyle. On rent, it’s relative. From hidden settlement across the minister hill of Maitama to back of the rocks of Guzape, to the plateau of Mpape exist affordable accommodations. (These aforementioned locations are in the very heart of Abuja).

Lifestyle depends on individuals. You can enjoy a bottle of chilled Beer in an temporal structure for N250; that same bottle could cost you 1k at Beer Barn. The choice is yours.

On food, if you cook your food in Abuja, the cost of groceries from Wuse to Utako to Kubwa are 20 miles cheaper than anywhere in Anambra State.

Transportation is what you make of it in Abuja. You can take a public transport from Giri to Wuse N200; you can find a Taxify and deflect your wallet. Movement is relatively easier and cheaper in Abuja.

Asides the presence of the federal government – and the attraction of multinational companies – young people are generating amazing ideas that aides constant lubrication of system. Young people are creating proposals that create smart jobs. Sometimes, it’s not how much the people are paid, but how smart the job makes you feel.

A young girl in Abuja started Spelling Bee competition for primary schools, she built an admirable team. They grew and extended their branches nationwide (they were in Enugu last year). Nigerian Bottling Company and other organizations sponsored her last two events.

A friend wanted to engage me in his new Start Up in Abuja. They would be paying 80k monthly. All we had to do was to study companies and write articles about their products.

This year also, I got a proposal from Lagos. A very young and bright guy. He wanted a writer that would create a fictitious series. You must deliver a novel/series every month. He was willing to pay 120k monthly.

These, to a large extent, have nothing to do with location. It has everything to do with thinking. Beautiful enough, it’s championed by young people.

Again, I noticed that young people in Abuja always think of building a team, but most ideas down here are – for the lack of a suitable word – selfish. Individuals want to make it. No one is interested in the power of we.

Think, brothers, there are ideas these days that do not require one to be in Banana Island before you execute them.

Think… Think…

We can build the #AnambraOfOurDream