AMVCA 2022: Nigerian Celebrities Who Brought Guns To A Knife Fight

The AMVCA 2022 award was indeed a night to be remembered as Nigerian celebrities dazzled like never before on the red carpet.

The eighth edition of the African Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards led to some Nigerian celebrities channelling unexpected inner artistic qualities.

Below are celebrities who brought knives to a gunfight.

Toyin Lawani: The CEO of Tiannahs empire indeed did not come to play. The King of fashion turned up in a black dress with a bullhead.

BBNaija Ifuennda: She definitely came prepared as she showed up with a black dress designed with face mask.

Pretty Mike of Lagos: One cannot be certain what character pretty mike was aiming for. However it seems he was trying to pull off Billy Porter.

Mo Bimpe: She looked quite outstanding in an outfit similar to a round purple flower.

James Brown: The queen of Africow channeled her queenship into existence.

AMVCA Kim Kardashian: We are not certain who this celebrity who channeled her inner Kim Kardashian is but we have to say this was well executed.


This article was originally published on Nigeria News

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