Ali Bongo’s Son Reportedly Arrested With Huge Money In Gabon (Video)

Noureddin Valentin Bongo, the eldest son of All Bongo, the ousted President of Gabon, has been reportedly caught with a large sum of money at his private residence.

According to reports, he was immediately arrested by the military and detained ahead of the proposed investigation into the nation’s finances.

He was also the coordinator of presidential affairs, a powerful position that gave him oversight of the administration, security, and Defence sectors.

His father, Omar Bongo, was in power for 42 years. The Bongo family has been in power for a total of 56 years which led to the coup and has since caused outrage online.

This development comes after military officers in Gabon have reportedly uncovered suitcases and bags full of various currencies in the family house of ousted President, Ali Bongo, in the West African country.

Naija News learned that the bags and suitcases of money were found hours after the military took over power following Bongo’s re-election after spending 14 years in power and placed him under house arrest.

It was gathered that the monies were found in Yann Ngulu’s house, the Chief of Staff of the eldest son of the deposed President, Nourredine Bongo.

In the viral video making the rounds on X on Wednesday, the bags could be seen filled with bundles of CFA francs, dollars, and Euros.

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