‘Ali Bongo Became Delusional To Forget That Power Belongs To The People’ – Rufai Oseni

Arise TV Host, Rufia Oseni, has faulted the Gabonese President Ali Bongo, over the military coup happening in the country.

Naija News reports that Gabonese citizens, unbothered about the implications of military rule, took to the streets to celebrate members of the security forces in the country after they ousted President Bongo following his re-election despite his family spending 54 years in power.

Bongo’s son and close adviser, Noureddin Bongo Valentin, his chief of staff, Ian Ghislain Ngoulou, his deputy, two other presidential advisers, and the two top officials in the ruling Gabonese Democratic Party were also arrested.

The military accused them of treason, embezzlement, corruption, and falsifying the president’s signature, among other allegations.

In a post shared on Twitter, Rufai Oseni said that if the judiciary and other African institutions are more robust, there will be fewer coups.

He noted that Ali Bongo forgot that power belongs to the people, adding that African politicians must do the will of the citizens and avoid acting like God. 

He tweeted, “For politicians that act like God remember to be careful. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, Ali Bong became delusional to forget that power belongs to the people! The judiciary and other institutions in Africa must be bolstered. If we had stronger institutions, we will have less coups.

“I don’t support coups I don’t think there is legitimacy in toppling any govt through military means but our politicians must be careful and do the will of the people.”

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