Alan Shearer tried to introduce forbidden rule at Newcastle when he took over as manager – and felt dressing room’s fury

ALAN SHEARER has recently revealed he tried to implement a fining system while he was interim manager at Newcastle in 2009.

The Toon legend said his plan was immediately turned down as players were furious about the idea.

AlamyAlan Shearer revealed he tried to put a fining system in place at Newcastle[/caption]

PAShearer spent ten years at Newcastle and made over 400 appearances[/caption]

The 53-year-old was Newcastle’s fourth manager in the 2008-09 season – with the Englishman admitting that there were major problems at the club before his arrival.

He rang every member of the team, as well as the staff, on his very first day asking what time everyone had to show up to training.

However, Shearer said two players were late as well as a member of staff.

After attempting to deal with the issue in private one of the two players was late again.

The England legend then decided to take matters into his own hands, as he told the The Rest Is Football podcast with Gary Lineker and Micah Richards.

He said: “I was thinking, ‘here’s my first test. Do I set a bar here and do I try and fine the players or do I try and discipline or just have a quiet word and don’t make a scene on your very first day’.

“There was probably a culture there that it was alright for players to come in late.

“If that’s the case, you are never going to be successful.


“No word of a lie, one of the players, same player, was late the next morning as well. So I’m thinking ‘f***ing hell, this is unbelievable.”

Attempting to stamp his authority on the matter, Shearer tried to put in a fining system.

The former Newcastle star revealed that the players fumed at him for trying to introduce it.

He continued: “Then I tried to put a fine system in, which I thought ‘if I don’t do this, this is going to continue to happen’.

“But to put a fine system, you have to print it out on a piece of paper.

“So what I tried to do, I said the first time you are late, it’s 10 per cent of your wages, the second time you are late, it’s 20 per cent, and the third time it’s 50 per cent’.

“Within two minutes of it hitting the dressing room floor, I had the players committee knock on my door saying ‘this is unacceptable’.

“You know what I said? I said ‘just don’t be f****ing late then’.”

Shearer later stated that the fining system was never put in place as the Professional Footballers’ Association wouldn’t allow it.

The Magpies would go on to get relegated that season – with the club opting against offering the Englishman a full-time role.

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