Activating The Attitude Of Gratitude.

Grattitude is the act of appreciation, in respect to what has been done for you. Thanksgiving is the root of greatness. Read Colossians 2:7. When you are always grateful to God, you can never be grounded in failure!

Those who appreciate God for everything, never have reasons to lack anything in life. According to God’s servant, Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche ( my mentor and spiritual father); “The ” tthankful” will always be “tank full.”

When you learn to always appreciate people who helped you in one way or the other, you will never lacked the right helpers all your life. Ingratitude leads to depreciation of destiny. When you appreciate God and good people in your life, you will certainly appreciate in value. Never kick against the ladder that lifted you, because you may need it one day! Don’t always give God your prayer requests, learn to also give Him the lists of what He did in your life before.

When you thank God for what you have, what you don’t have will run to you by divine favour.

Reflecting Prayers:- Father, thank you for your divine word to me today; I am grateful for what you did in my life yesterday, today and the one yet to be done. Amen!

Today’s Spiritual Capsule: When you thank God for what you have, what you don’t have will run to you.

Map Of Great Men: ” It does not matter what you sow, where joy is absent, harvest is impossible. You reap only with joy.” Dr. Paul Enenche

Analysis:- Joy is the booster of sacrifice, for where there is no joy, giving is a waste!

Spiritual Caution! Don’t let complaints ruin your destiny energy race; run with joy, so you can end well!