Action Towards Dreams!

Talk no more so very proudly. Do not let arrogance come out of your mouth. For the LORD is a God of knowledge, and by Him actions are weighed.” 1 Sam. 2:3

Dream is the optimism of destiny reality. Dream is the eye or divine insight into the future. But understand that, sight without drive, is to sink in the midst of motion!

According to Eleanor Roosevelt; “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Action is the fire of good dreaming! No dream can produce concrete evidence or good news, without consistent drive or action towards it. Action is the factory of dream reality. Anyone can dream of anything, but it’s action that will bring it to surface on this planet earth. In our preceding scripture, the analysis is that; no matter how you’re boasting of what you want to become in life, God is aware that until you take action towards what you say; you’re just boasting for nothing!

Your action is the determinant of everything that comes your way yearly. If you are expecting a job, and you refused to take action and go looking for it; you will remain jobless by December, 2020! You want to get married this year, and there is no positive action towards realizing it; you can still remain single by December, 2020! Even if you had a night dream several times that you’re on top of the world, if you don’t take action towards it; it will ends up a day dreaming! “You don’t wish dream, you work it out.” Dr. David Oyedepo.

Action is the conveyor of dreams to its destinations of reality. By God’s grace, I have the dream to write and author 5,000 books before the world ends; if Jesus tarries. For that, I write everyday; and my books are always at the desks of my editor. It has been said that; a thousand miles journey begins with just an action step. You cannot be more than anyone you want to outrun, until your action towards your dream is real.

Action is the precursor of dreams. No matter how small the action may be, take it everyday towards your dream. One of the qualities to becoming a columnist, is to be a passionate writer on daily, weekly, and monthly basis. So, I write everyday, because it has been in my blood to be a writer. Beloved, don’t kill your beautiful dreams with your stagnated action! Any Pastor or leader that does not encourage you to take action towards your dreams, does not love you, and should be discarded by you!

When you discover your destiny, vision, dream, ; and you’re enthusiastic to plan towards it, I advise you to take it to the factory of action, and you will end up having divine products for exportation and importation in your generation.

Don’t you ever forget this for life; there is no genuine prophecy given to you by God, which does not involved your action to making it happen; and do not let anyone deceive you – it’s real. Beloved, you have nothing to worry, if you’re taking steps towards your dream; soon, the world can’t do without you!

Reflecting Prayers:- Father, I am grateful for your divine counsel to me today. I receive the grace to inflates my action towards realizing my dreams this year. Amen!

Today’s Spiritual Capsule: Action is the conveyor of dreams to its destinations of reality.

Spiritual Caution! Let your action everyday towards your fellow human beings, reminds you that you’re dealing with God; and don’t let anyone take you to hell, for heaven is your destination!

God bless you. Shalom!