Abia Governor, Ikpeazu Under Fire For Allegedly Imposing Cronies As Election Delegates

Mayor Lucky Igbokwe, a governorship aspirant in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Abia State, has accused Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of imposing non-elected ad hoc delegates to oversee the primary election of the party in the state.

Igbokwe also claimed the governor imposed members of the delegates to favour his anointed candidate.

On the selection of party delegates, Igbokwe said, “The process lacks credibility, it is illegal and unacceptable. There was no election to select the three man ad hoc delegates.”

He also cast a doubt on the credibility of the primary election as he claimed the process leading up to the primary was faulty.

“I have been ready for this exercise all my life. I believe I was born to serve my people. The process leading up to this exercise is faulty, hence my rooted doubts over the fairness of the upcoming primary.

“I do not trust the process as every action of the governor points to an imposition of his anointed candidate. This is not how democracy works,” he said.

Also, some aggrieved members under the Oganihu Ndi Abia, a critical umbrella stakeholder in the affairs of the state, faulted the process of selection of the ad hoc delegates claiming it was biased.

The board of trustees and chairman of the group, Chukwudi Ibegbu, warned against imposition of candidates and also urged the party leadership to ensure a level playing ground for all aspirants.

“Unless we get it right in leadership, especially political leadership, we shall continue to be in the doldrums. We have been monitoring the current political developments in the state and the jostle for political positions in our state and country. We note complaints coming from stakeholders and participants in all contending political parties in the state over lack of internal democracy and imposition of candidates.

“We therefore advise all political parties in our state to maintain internal democracy at all strata and give a level playing ground for all aspirants,” Ibegbu said.




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