Abaribe All The Way from the East Have Dared the Presidency Incompetence

Abaribe All The Way from the East Have Dared the Presidency Incompetence

You talk you die, you nor talk you still cannot live forever and Sen Abaribe all the way from the east have dared the presidency incompetence on behalf of the northerners whose lives and properties are at risk due to terrorism in the north while some of the northern senators are only interested in multiple wives:

President Buhari yesterday summoned his security council and chiefs over the rapid increase of insecurity barely 24hours after Sen Abaribe threw his weight behind the call by the Christian association of Nigeria (CAN), asking President Buhari to sack his security chiefs for incompetence, nonchalant and irresponsibility that has cost Nigeria of her, peace, prestige and caused Nigerians pains as he (Sen Aberigbe) demanded that, while the security chiefs should be sacked, the President being the head of the governmental institutions should resign since he despite being a retired general of the army lacks what it takes to guarantee security in the nation as the commander in chief of the armed forces.

I laughed at those attacking the senator who amongst the others including those from the north region, dare to confront the presidency with the state of the state that all is not near fine let alone well. It is only fools and those that should be counted and categorise amongst the mumus that will fault the senator for daring instead of encouraging him so others can follow. The truth of that is that, his colleagues at the national assembly knows this truth, but just deliberately maintained silence for the fear of the unknown and also that, those who dare speak the truth risk a fight back by those against the truth.

Was it not written that, for we to be freed, we must say the truth and also that a close mouth is a close destiny? Well, the other senators knew the truth and knows the action to remedy the problem, but they feared the DSS, the EFCC and the others including the judiciary will be used against them should they speak up the truth as Sen Abaribe have done. They therefore, would rather maintained their silence which is today dragging our nation backward. I stand with the call by the Christian association of Nigeria, that the security chiefs are sacked or that the president Buhari should resign should he lack what to do according to Sen Aberigbe, for enough is enough as we cannot fold our hands and watch same thing happening and yet expect a result that is different from the nonsense report we have so far got.

The President should charge his security chiefs to ensure there is security as soon as possible so that all irrespective of class will be secured. The security chiefs and advisers should be made to know that, the earlier they put things in order the better for them as their own personal security and that attached to their families will be reduced to a level and then withdraw finally. I am sure if they love themselves and that of their families, they will protect the families of others as well.

Charles Eyimofe (Baruch) Pemu.