“But when you pray, you must believe and not doubt at all. Whoever doubts is like a wave in the sea that is driven and blown about by the wind. People like that, unable to make up their minds and undecided in all they do, must not think that they will receive anything from the Lord.” James 1:6-8 (GNB)        

“Get all the advice you can, and you will succeed; without it you will fail.” Proverbs 15:22 (GNB)

“A nation will fall if it has no guidance. Many advisers mean security.” Proverbs 11:14 (GNB)

Among the 3 dangerous principles of life; a life without principle is the third principle of life. This is a principle that defies principles for living! It is a principle that has no root. This is the most dangerous principle that ruins destinies of men!

When a man lives without principles, he will be paralyzed for life! From our preceding scripture, which says; “Get all the advice you can, and you will succeed,….” This means, have a principle to taking good advice from others if you must attain success in life. On the other ways, it said; “……without it you will fail.” This means, if you cultivate a life of principle of taking no good advice from others, get ready for a full life of failures!

A positive principle predicts your future for positive living. Bishop David Oyedepo said; “I am not surprised of where we are today in ministry, I would had been surprised if we aren’t here.” (Paraphrased) By this statement, he refers to the activation of positive principle of success. A man that lives by positive principle can be helped for maximum success.

The damaging or negative principle helps you to predicts a man`s chronic failures before he ever starts doing anything in life. A man that lives by damaging or negative principle, yet can be helped because his principle, though it is bad; it is transparent to all. What is transparent is better that what is complicated, because transparency gives quick understanding to people.  

A life without principle is a life that cannot be helped, because you can`t predict his ways of living. A man without principle cannot be trustable in anything. You can`t rely on a man that you can`t predict his lifestyles. Trust-ability and reliability cannot be found as consistent characters of a man who is not stable in character. People without principle say yes today, and they say no the next minute; in other words, their yes is no, and their no is yes. When they tell you we are coming, they may not truly come, because they may be going. If you book appointment with them, it is either they will come earlier than the time appointed, or they will come late, or they will never come at all!

If they promised to help you, they can disappoint you any time. A guy that has such a principle will propose to a lot of ladies, but will never marry any of them! A lady by such a principle, will say yes to a lot of proposals from guys, but will never marry any of them. Such a principle is what makes a husband or wife not able to predict the characters of his wife or husband. When your husband cannot totally tell much about you, you are operating by such a principle. If your wife cannot fully defend your characters, you are operating by such a principle. If your life partner you intend to marry cannot confidently defend your character, you are living by such a principle.

If your boss cannot tell much about you, you are living by such a principle. If your staff cannot predict your life regarding to your action towards their wages, you are living by such a principle. You are worshiping in a church, but the pastor or head of department cannot predict when you will come to church, you are living by such a principle. If you are a pastor, and your members cannot predict what you stand for, you are living by such a principle. If nobody can book you down for a contract or meeting, you are living by such a principle.

A man without principle cannot be used for building vision because; he would destroy the vision with his sarcastic characters. Any man you can`t trust his time, character, word, activity etc., can never build your vision with you. Apostle Peter was a man without principle; he said he was not going to deny Jesus, but he denied Jesus three times! Again when Jesus died, Peter went back to fishing! It took the grace of God for Peter to becoming the man God created him to be.

When they are selecting people to do things and your name comes to mind, what do people think about your commitment? I know a guy who hardly goes to any appointment on time; he is known to be a late comer by everyone around him, and he would always have excuse why he comes late. To live a life without principle is to live a life of mockery! To claim to be something that you are not is a life without principle. According to Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche; “It is the empty barrel that makes the loudest noise. There are people who have more publicity than productivity.” This means, to keep shouting for what is not real, is a life without principle. For example, how can a person call himself a pastor, but have no church he is pastoring – that is unpredictable lifestyle! How can a person call himself an evangelist, but he has no passion for souls, neither does he has evangelistic ministry; that is a deceptive lifestyle! How can you say that you are a prophet, but it is hard for you to know what God is saying to you and people around you; that is a cunny lifestyle! You said you are an Apostle, but there is no evidence of you being a blessing to churches and ministers of the gospel; that is a life without principle. How can people be changing titles and lifestyles every time, until no one knows the positions they are called in by God? Elucidate your world with your reality, so people can easily build on your personality. Do away with every lifestyle of dilemma in your destiny pace. 

If people hardly tell you their secrets for success, they must have seen this kind of principle in your life. When a person has no principle, he can trade away people`s costly secrets. A man without principle will hardly succeed in the counseling ministry.  Don`t let people be afraid of entrusting their lives in your hands. God couldn`t depend on Esau with Abraham`s blessings, because he had no principle for living. Jacob had damaging or negative principle, but God helped him to change to a life of positive principle.

Don`t forgets that life is governed by principles: some are governed by positive principle, while others are governed by negative principle or without principle. Prayer is good, but principle is more powerful than prayers, because principle makes principal people. The manual attached to every electronic you buy is the principle to successfully use it. Whatever product you bought that is attached label contains its principles for use. The Bible is the manual, which contains the positive principles for every believer to life on earth. There is no power that can bring you down, if your positive principle is based on the word of God.


Father thanks to you for speaking to me today; O lord, have mercy on my lifestyles without principle. I therefore, receive grace to be disciplined in characters to living a dependable life by God and man. Amen!        


When a man lives without principles, he will be paralyzed for life!


Lord Jesus, thank you for loving me and dying for my sins; you resurrected for my victory over sin and death. I therefore, ask that you come into my heart, Lord Jesus to be the Lord of my life. Restore me back as a backslider to my stand for you in faith, so I won`t miss out my place in eternity in heaven, Lord. Amen! I confess that I am born again, and I am righteous in Christ Jesus. Glory to God, Amen!

Don`t forget; no one can be hopeless with God! God bless you, and shalom.