“The good man brings out of his good treasure what is good; and the evil man brings out of his evil treasure what is evil. Matthew 12:35

Every great man has his signs to being traced; and every man void of greatness, also has his signs of being traced! You cannot be cheap on earth, if greatness is in your genetics. You cannot hide for too long, if greatness wrapped you up!

What are other signs of a great man?

A great man is humble.

Humility is one of the major signs of a great man. You cannot see a great man proud; that is why he is not easily noticed in the midst of his colleagues. Every great man is too aware of his greatness, than to create awareness of his arrival.

  • A great man works in line with God`s purpose for his life.

Great people hardly miss the mark of their destinies, because they always want to know the purpose why they live on earth. Great people are destiny conscious, and are strictly focus on God`s plan for their lives.

  • Great people are passionate.

Great men are always enthusiastic to doing the right thing in order to help the less privilege. A great man hardly gives up on people, because of his inner burning passion for others. Passion is the driving force behind a great man.

  • Great men are great givers.

There is no great man that is stingy! You are great because you live for people to live with you. Your greatness is known by the gravity of problems you solve in people`s lives per time.

  • Great men are divinely wise.

There is no great man that is foolish! Every great man does the right thing at the right time, to getting the right result at the right time. A great man is known by his wisdom exhibition.

  • A great man seeks good knowledge.

Great people always search for the right information for self transformation. One of the signs of people who are void of greatness is that, they hate knowledge with all passion! Great men are depots of good knowledge.

  • Great men are generous.

A great man does not select people he respect and tolerate in the society. Great people see everybody to be useful in their lives. The presence of a great man is the arrival of the people`s joy and happiness!

Beloved, signs are the most interpreters of the arrival of great things. Your reality is revealed by the signs that manifest through you everyday – what people perceive about you is what determines your greatness. What you manifest everyday of your life, are the signs of who you really are. Everybody may hate a great man, but they cannot deny his greatness! According to an Author unknown; “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” Your greatness is not negotiable, if you decide to act the greatness in you every day. Don`t let other people carry swallows up what you carry. Focus on the greatness, and you will start experiencing great atmosphere around you. Feel good every day, with the greatness in you!


Father thanks to you, for speaking to me today; I therefore receive the grace to manifest my hidden greatness, in order to positively impact my world, from today hence. Amen!


A great man hardly gives up on people, because of his inner burning passion for others.


Lord Jesus, thank you for loving me and dying for my sins; you resurrected for my victory over sin and death. I therefore, ask that you come into my heart, Lord Jesus to being the Lord of my life. Restore me back as a backslider to my stand for you in faith, so I won`t miss out my place in eternity in heaven, Lord. Amen! I confess that I am born again, and righteous in Christ Jesus. Glory to God!

God bless you, and shalom.