“The steps of a good (great) man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way.” (Psalm 37:23; word in bracket added by me – IKJV)

A great man is an uncommon man! Great people are not cheap, so that is why you don`t see them everywhere. A great man does not go everywhere, he only goes selective places.

A great man is a valuable man! It is a quality value that makes up a great man. The worth of a great man is what makes him worthy on earth. There is no great man that is not packaged with the values of life.

A great man attracts attention! Nobody can ignore a great man, because he has the capacity to command the attention of people. Great people naturally attract multitude in their direction. When you trace the biography of a great man, you will discover that from their primary to higher institutions, they had been commanding attention.

A great man is a man of the great God! In our preceding scripture it said; the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. This means, what makes a man great is who orders his steps in life. So, a great man is a man that is shepherd by the great God.

A great man is a man that is born great! How you were born is traced to your greatness in life. There are people born miraculously; it is because their missions on earth are based on miracles.

Beloved, greatness is a definition of insight. It is not the appearance of a man that defines his greatness, but what his presence does at his absence, which defines his greatness. For example; there are people who can command a whole nation without their physical presence, because of who they are. Jesus Christ hadn’t arrived on earth, but His presence commanded John the Baptist to make way for Him! Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are dead; but their prosperous presence is still blessing generation. What your presence does at your absent, is what determines your greatness. I heard of a couple who married for about 21 years, and with strong suffering, but there was no issue (child)! The very month the woman took in (became pregnant), a contract that worth hundreds of millions was awarded to her husband. The man bought two cars, bought a land for his wife; and before the baby was born, he met great wealth on ground. That means, the baby`s absence transformed the life of his parent, because he was not permitted to suffer! Therefore, what are the signs that reveal your greatness?

  1. A great man experiences unusual situation. Every great man goes through what others hardly go through in life. They experience unusual breakdown, and unusual breakthrough. Great people go through great experiences, which drop tears from the eyes of the hearers! Great men are not common people in the society, so, they do not experience common situation.
  2. Great men are not easily noticed. There is no great man that is easily recognized, because he is easily ignored by people. You will hardly know a great man, because he does not have any thought of self introduction. If people easily ignores you, so you don`t shows up on the scene of public; then you are a great man.
  3. They grow from the secret place. The root of a great man is what he does in the secret place. Secret people are secured people, and secured people are great people. It is what you do in your secret place that reveals your greatness in life.
  4. They are visible, yet act like invisible. Great men act like spirit – they do things beyond the ordinary. A great man could be the reason why certain things happen in a nation; but you will hardly trace it to them. Every act of a great man is amazing!
  5. They are raised from the grassroots. Every great man starts life from the lower part of life. Where you started from, determines who you are, and where you are going. If you refused to start small, you must end small!
  6. They have the character of a follower. A great man follows and obeys the right law of the land. Obedience is one of the characteristics of a great man; so, great people act what they expect others to do. Breakers of good laws always end small!
  7. They recognize their root of rising. Your greatness is rooted in your root of lifting. Your root is the foundation of your greatness. Whatever contributed to your greatness is one of the roots that make you great. So, there is no great man that abandons what contributed to his greatness.

Understand that everyone is born great, but it is your responsibility to observe the signs of your greatness, so you can take advantage of it. According to Oscar Wilde; “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

Reflecting Prayers:- Father, thank you for speaking to me your inspired word. I decree that the greatness in me will start manifesting from today hence! Amen!

Today`s Spiritual Capsule: Whatever contributed to your greatness, is one of the roots that makes you great.

Spiritual Caution! Stick to God`s direction, and you will not miss the destination of eternal life; because who directs determines your end!

God bless you, and shalom!