So He came to Nazareth, where He had been brought up. And as His custom was, He went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day, and stood up to read. And He was handed the book of the prophet Isaiah. And when He had opened the book, He found the place where it was written:“The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives And recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed; Luke 4:16-18(NKJV)

I did say from the prologue of this message, and in the part one that; ‘No destiny fulfillment without principles on ground.’ Among the three (3) dangerous principles of life is:


The word ‘superlative’ refers to positive or the most or highest of a thing. The superlative principle is the highest principle of life, because it is the fore almost of living for the expected life. If the superlative principle is also a positive principle; it does means, the principle that turns a man from negativism to positivism in destiny affairs. Positive principle is what makes you positive in life.

From the preceding scripture, Jesus stood up in the temple to read as his custom was; the word ‘custom’ refers to culture or principle. In other words, Jesus lived by principle; and His principle was based on positive principle. In the cause of His positive principle living, he discovered His assignment on earth.

The first thing I want you to understand is that, positive principle guides your steps in the right direction in life. Positive principle maintains your right steps in life. Positive principle classifies you into the right class in life. Positive principle enables you to discover your right assignment in life. Positive principles causes you to be duly focus on your assignment in life.

What are the stages the positive principle can be enforced?

First, positive principle towards God; the first thing Jesus did was to have a custom of dedicating His attention to the things of God. Jesus` principle towards God was not sporadic; rather, it was built into His character, thereby resulted to His consistency with such a principle. A principle must be consistent by exhibition, in order to be established for governing lives. What you do sporadically or periodically cannot be a principle that governs your life. Positive principle helps you to deal with God in a positive way no matter the circumstances that surround you. This is the principle that makes you to stick to God no matter what you face in life. It is the principle that makes you to plant yourself in God no matter who left God! This is the principle that makes you to believe in God for everything He said about you, even if it seems failing. According to Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche; “What you believe determines how you behave, and how you behave determines what you become.” The principle of positive believing influences your positive behavior; and your behavior is actually telling on how you will end in life. Positive principle helps you to fear God, no matter who does not fear God. When you live by positive principle, you reject bribes because you fear God. You reject extramarital affairs because you fear God. You refuse to lie for no reason, because you fear God. You refuse to forge any document, because you fear God. You make sure that nothing takes your time more than the work of God. You prioritize anything that has to do with God, because you fear God. And nobody or nothing can interject your relationship with God; that is positive principle. Jesus was so much addicted to the things of God, which it became a custom to him. When it comes to a point that going to church, serving in any unit in the church, giving to the work of God, dealing with pastors and members etc., are based on the fear of God; it is called positive principle. When it comes to a point that you are not influence-able against the will of God for your life, this is positive principle. David said; how can I raise hands on an anointed man of God; that was a man who vowed never to be against any pastor either with high rank or low rank. When you make up your mind that you won`t be against any minister of the gospel for no reason; it is a positive principle. Joseph said; how can I do this thing and sin against God, which was a principle that is of the highest. Your positive principle will make you to reject any action that may be right before men, but against the will of God no matter what it may cost you! The statements of positive principle are: I will live for God no matter what it cost me; I will stand for God no matter what it cost me; I will keep giving to the work of God, no matter what it cost me; I will keep loving God, no matter what it cost me; I will keep living a holy life, no matter what it cost me; and I will follow God to the end, no matter what it cost me.

Secondly, positive principle towards yourself; Jesus had this principle to have Himself realize what actually gives Him joy. This principle helps you to position your life for the right thing in life. It helps you to always reason out good optimism for yourself. It helps you to believe in your person for which God outlined for you. It helps you to seeing positive things in your life at all times. It helps you to fight for the right thing, which rightly belongs to you. Even if people hate you, you still love yourself. No matter who rejected you, you believe you can make it. No matter where you are at the moment, you believe you can move beyond. The best principle you can use to govern yourself, is to always see something good out of your life. Never allow anyone to influence you against yourself. No matter the trauma of life, if you dare to believe in yourself, your world must be beautiful. For example, I have a strong principle of self believe; I know that I am a star and a genius on earth, and that is what means a lot to me. Any statement that is against that does not mean anything to me; and I work towards the positive things I believe about myself. I love myself to the point that I cannot work against myself by cutting corners to be great; rather, I dare to take the right road.

Thirdly, positive principle towards others; Jesus` positive principle made Him to discover His assignments for others. This is the principle that helps you to think good of others no matter what. It makes you to live for others to live. It makes you to believe in the strength of people no matter their shortcomings towards you. It makes you to easily forgive people no matter the gravity of their offense against you. With this, you forgive your wife or husband, immediate and extended family, in-laws, friends, colleagues, etc. with this principle; you deal with people the way you would loved others to deal with you. With this principle, you stop gossiping, backbiting, blackmailing, plotting, and working against your fellow human beings. Jesus knew He was to solve problems for others with His kind of principles of living. He knew others should benefit from His principle of living. You need this principle to totally love your wife, even if she doesn`t deserves it. You need this principle to be submissive to your husband, even if he doesn`t deserves it. It is a principle to be faithful to your life partner you are engaged to right now. This principle makes your staff to trust you for their monthly salaries. It also makes your boss to trust you as a good staff that will make his or her company flourish by your good work. This makes your pastor or member to trust you for good thing expected of you. This makes you to repay good for the evil people did against you.   

Beloved, without positive principle, there can never be positive outcome in life. This is a strong and highest principle the devil himself cannot interrupt. This principle makes great men great. It took David up. It took Joseph up. It took Jephthah up, and it took Solomon up. It lifted Pastor E.A Adeboye. It lifted Bishop David Oyedepo. It lifted Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche. It lifted Kenneth Capeland, and all the great men you can enlist with me here. With this principle, your prayers are answered easily; but without this principle, no amount of prayers that can bring to pass, positive outcome in life. Wrong principle has been the greatest hindrance against the right prayers. No matter who is your pastor or mentor or who you believe in, until this principle is on ground; you could just be there with no meaningful life to reckon with. “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Galatians 6:7 (NIV). If you sow good things in this life by the act of positive principle; naturally you will reap positive things, because it is a law. Sponsor your marriage, business, company, personal career, relationship, and everything you engage into in life. Positive principle raise big men; their foundations are laid by strong principles; their lives are maintained with this principle. Anointing is wasted without this principle. Talent is a waste without this principle. Who you know or not are a waste without this principle. What you have regards to materials is a waste without this principle. Anointing or talent does not change people; it is principle that changes people; because principle forms characters and character forms your reality in life. This is what I have learnt, which is helping me to enjoy my work with God. No matter who is my father in the Lord or mentor; if my character is not built on positive principles, I will woefully fail in life! So, I decide to establish positive principle for my life. I chose to forgive people no matter what. I chose to love my wife no matter what. I chose to serve God no matter what. I chose to love my neighbors no matter what. I chose to give to helping others when I am in the position to do so. And with this; my greatness is not negotiable, and it will naturally spring up for the world to see.     

Remember that, prayers, giving, punctuality in church, leadership, charismatic move, are all wasted without positive principle in place! We will not be praying and struggling for greatness if our principles are really right. Positive principle is the only thing that attracts great men in your direction. After Dr. Sam Adeyemi had not been able to meet with Bishop David Oyedepo for years; he focus on the positive principle of greatness; that made him and Oyedepo to take the same aircraft one day, which attracted the Bishop to him (Sam Adeyemi). By positive principle, God commanded Elijah to look for Elisha, though the sons of the prophet were all there, living by wrong principles. Beloved, the earlier the better, don`t cut corners, establish positive principle for your living from today. Carve it out and enforce it strictly to start functioning for you.   


Father thank you for your word to me; from today I submit to positive principle for my positive outcome, and without in life. Amen!


Positive principle maintains your right steps in life.


Lord Jesus, thank you for loving me and dying for my sins; you resurrected for my victory over sin and death. I therefore, ask that you come into my heart, Lord Jesus to be the Lord of my life. Restore me back as a backslider to my stand for you in faith, so I won`t miss out my place in eternity in heaven, Lord. Amen! I confess that I am born again, and I am righteous in Christ Jesus. Glory to God, Amen!

Don`t forget; no one can be hopeless with God! God bless you, and shalom.