2023: Tinubu Gets Support From Business Mogul Ahead Of Presidential Primary

Popular Nigerian businessman, Mogaji Bowale Oluwole has pitched his tent with presidential aspirant Bola Ahmed Tinubu as he declares his support for him.

Mogaji described the APC Chieftain as a man who had the capacity to change Nigeria, adding that he will continue to remain loyal to him irrespective of what happens.

Mogaji declared his support for the politician on Friday in Abuja while interacting with journalists.

He explained that Tinubu proved his worth during his time as governor in Lagos state. He noted that the former governor would do same when the becomes the president of Nigeria.

He said: “The former Lagos Governor brought innovations into the governance of the State during his eight years in power, I can assure anyone who cares to listen that he will replicate similar feats when he eventually becomes Nigeria’s President. I have not denied him of my support and I have not pretended about my open support for him either.

“I believe both on moral ground as well as out of conviction that he has got what it takes to provide the kind of quality leadership this country needs at a precarious moment like this.”

This article was originally published on Nigeria News

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