2023 Presidency: Peter Obi Speaks On Dropping Ambition To Support Atiku

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi has rubbished rumours that he is considering dropping out of the 2023 race to support Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Speaking on Monday, Obi declared that he is in the 2023 presidential race to win and is not considering withdrawing or supporting any other candidate.

Responding to a question on the chance of joining forces with Atiku, Obi said there is no such consideration.

“Nobody goes into a match thinking of what will happen, everybody is going there to win. I am going into this contest win, I am going into this contest to be the president of Nigeria.

“I think I have all it takes to win,” the LP candidate said during the Channels TV interview.

Obi added that despite those trying to pull down his ambition, he is looking forward to a miracle and doing the impossible in 2023 just as he has experienced in previous political journeys.

“Miracle is at the root of our faith, what strengthens our faith is miracle,” Obi stated.

He added, “For me, since I started this political journey, my achievements and records have all been miracles, it has all been miraculous.

“I ran for governor in a party that was less than one year old, when I started in 2003 and won the election, they declared somebody else, I went to court and everybody said it was impossible, there is no way, it has never happened before but after three years, the court declared me the winner.

“I was sworn in, six months I was impeached alongside Fayose and Dariye, I went to court and again I became the first governor to come back from impeachment. So I was the first governor to win through the court, and first to come back from impeachment.

“And then in 2007, about one year in office, INEC conducted an election and Andy Uba won and was sworn in as governor, I went to court again to seek the interpretation of our constitution that my tenure is four years, everybody said it will never happen but again the Supreme Court declared me the winner which is why you have staggered election in various states today.

“I can go on an on and tell you so many things that have happened in this my journey which can be termed a miracle, and I am looking forward to the next miracle next year to complete the miraculous journey of my political life.”

This article was originally published on Naija News