2023: ‘It’s Beyond Delegate’ – Peter Okoye Carpets Dele Momodu For Saying Peter Obi Has No Chance Of Winning

Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye has slammed Nigerian journalist and Presidential aspirant, Dele Momodu, over claims that Peter Obi cannot win the 2023 presidency.

Naija News earlier reported that Dele Momodu in an interview on TVC on Tuesday said that Peter Obi cannot win the presidency in a local fringed party like Labour.

He said Labour Party has no structure or money and questioned if Peter Obi was ready to spend his hard earned money to fight Atiku and Tinubu.

Responding to Dele Momodu, Peter Okoye in a series of tweets on the microblogging platform, Twitter, averred that Peter Obi might not have money and structure but he has the youths and masses behind him.

The singer said the 2023 election is beyond delegates as the masses will control the outcome of the election because they are faced with the option of voting for the candidates who paid delegates thousands of dollars to emerge as candidates or vote Peter Obi who has a plan to change Nigerian from consumption to production.

Peter Okoye added that the current ruling party intentionally created the current hardship in Nigeria so they can easily buy people to support them.

The tweet read: “With all due Respect Sir Mr Dele Momodu! Yes Peter Obi might not have the money and structure! But he has the Youths,The Masses and The People now!. The truth is that we the people are the structure. We are many and we are powerful, We are Obi-deint, we can not be distracted”

“It is now beyond d delegates. D masses will control d outcome of d election. Will they vote for the candidate who paid delegates thousands of dollars to emerge as a candidate or vote for Peter Obi who has plans to change Nigeria from consumption to production?”

“You people don’t understand the, hardship and abject poverty that will hit us if Peter Obi doesn’t win. It’s not about the North or South here, it’s about who will save us, the country is crumbling in all sectors, people are dying unnecessarily, all this rubbish must stop”

“They intentionally create hardship for the people, so that they can easily buy people over to support them in a time like this! Are you people not tired of suffering? Is Nigeria of today satisfactory for you? Don’t fall for these same mind games again”

“Pls one more thing Sir Mr Dele Momodu, With all the Money and structure that other Political Parties has or have! Where has it taking Nigeria to? We need Pure CHANGE! And Peter Obi is that change! And now a Threat to all of them all! Sorosoke”

“We are just getting started sir Pls can somebody give me a chilled bottle beer, Dear Nigerians and the Youths! This is  not about the North or South here, We are no longer interested in party politics, But the qualities of the candidate! if we miss this opportunity! We might never get it again”

This article was originally published on Nigeria News

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