2023: It’ll Be Hard For God To Forgive PDP If We Don’t Listen To Nigerians –Rivers Governor, Wike

Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, has said that God will not forgive the Peoples Democratic Party if it does not listen to the complaints of Nigerians to reclaim the presidency. 

Wike stated this while answering questions from journalists during a day visit to Bauchi State on Saturday. 

The governor decried that Nigeria was in serious crisis at the moment especially with insecurity rising by the day.

He said, “One of my resolutions for the year 2022, is to make sure that Nigeria is better than what it was last year. It is also to make sure that the PDP is united because, if the PDP makes the mistake of not listening to Nigerians, it will be very difficult for God to forgive the PDP.

“This an opportunity to save Nigeria. We, Christians, know that when the Israelites were in problems, God had to bring Moses to lead them. Nigeria is in serious problems now and it is PDP that will lead Nigeria out of these problems. So, we must take that responsibility. I’ll prefer that if God makes it that the ticket falls on him (Bala Mohammed), it means our chances are very, very brighter.

“This insecurity, this is not the kind of Nigeria we want, it is not the Nigeria where every day you wake up in the morning, the newspaper says, ’40 people have been killed…’ There is no day in Nigeria that people are not being killed.

“If you’re going to the market, you die, you’re going to the office, you die, so these deaths are not caused by those dying, they are caused by the inability of the so-called government to protect us.

“The whole responsibility of government is to protect lives and properties and once that is not there, there is no governance. People must be allowed to use the roads, they must be allowed to use the health facilities, they must be allowed to go to school, they must be allowed to go to the farm.”




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