2023: Is America Zoning? Dino Melaye Asks Nigeria To Replace ‘Archaic’ Zoning With Merit

Former Kogi lawmaker, Senator Dino Melaye has described the clamour for the zoning of political offices, particularly the 2023 presidency in Nigeria as archaic and analogue.

He argued that in place of zoning, the country needs to prioritize merit and those with the capability to get the work done.

Melaye made the submission on Friday during an interview appearance on Channels TV amidst the clamour for the 2023 presidency to be zoned to the southern region of the country.

In condemning the calls for zoning, Senator Melaye questioned if the United States of America which is seen as the father of modern democracy also zones its political offices for election.

He argued that it is time for Nigeria to move beyond zoning and embrace meritocracy.

“After 60 years of independence, it will be myopic, porous, parochial, archaic, and analogue thinking to still be talking about zoning,” he said.

“We must graduate from a mediocre society to a meritorious society where the best foot is being put forward.

“Instead of having the quota system and saying some states are at disadvantage, we should open the space to merit as practised in other civilized climes across the globe,” he insisted.

Senator Melaye said Nigeria after over 60 years of independence and more than 20 years of unbroken democracy should have grown beyond squabbling for zoning of political offices.

“So, I am saying the space should be open for the best so that you don’t restrict those who have the capability,” he argued.

“The food you eat as a child is different from the one you take as an adult.

“After 20 years of democracy and after 60 years of independence, you cannot continue to think of zoning. Is America zoning?”

This article was originally published on Nigeria News