2010 DP World Championship Winner Receives Biggest Price Ever

UAE is popular for many reasons and golf is one of them. Golf lovers from all over the world visit Dubai to get more expertise and improve their skills as the city offers them ultra-luxurious facilities and perfect environment where they can learn latest techniques. Lush green gold clubs are beautifully designed so players can enjoy natural beauty and refresh their minds in the clean place. Rest rooms are equipped with big screen where players can watch matches while taking some refreshments.

Dubai Government always takes some different initiatives to appeal tourist and players to Dubai and in the recent announcement, they have announced the biggest price for 2020 DP World Championship winner. Some rules have also changed which make competition more appealing for players.       The price for the winner has increased which made the tournament the most lucrative golf tournament ever. The winner will receive $3m and it’s the highest amount of price ever while the overall prize for the European Tour’s season is $8m.

The European Tour has also announced several changes in the tournament among which the reduction in field is prominent. Now, only 50 participants will take part in the tournament instead of 60 and the price will be distributed equally among top five contestants. The management has announced the date of the tournament as well that is November 21- 24. Dany Willet was the winner of the last year tournament and he got a price of worth $1.33m from which you can see that the prize for the recent event has doubled. An adjustment to $5m has also made for Race to Dubai Bonus Pool.

Apart from the DP Championship Tournament, there are two other tournaments are going to held which will be presented by Gary Player, i.e. Turkish Airline Open and Nedbank Golf Challenge. The prizes for these tournaments have also increased as the winner of Turkish Airline will receive $2m which was $1.16m before which was won by Justin Rose. Another significant change has made in the field sizes of the tournaments and now the 70 players will play from Turkish airline and number of contestants in South Africa will be 60.

According to chief executive of the European Tour, all the changes have made to grab the attention of the players and increase the excitement level of the tournament. “We have not only changed the cheque size, but also divided the Race to Dubai Points and Bonus Pool more crowd come and watch the matches. It will also encourage the players to play with more passion and enthusiasm”, he added.

The decision has made after the deep analysis of the previous matches in which the participation of the players wasn’t sufficient. It’s expected that the recent changes will encourage the players and make them participate in the tournament. A good improvement has seen in the arrangements made for the audience to make their tor and experience outstanding.

Here is summery of the overall changes done in 2020 tournament:

Field Sizes: The field size for Turkish Open Airline has leading 70 players available from the Race to Dubai while 60 and 50 are available for NedbankGolf Challenge and DP World Tour Championship respectively.

Race to Dubai Points: 2, 000 points have increased for Turkish Airline Open and now the points are up t0 9, 000. The points for Nedbank Golf Challenge have increased from 7, 500 to 10, 000 and points for DP World Championship are reached up to 12, 000 which were 8, 000 before.

First Prize: Turkish Airline, Nedbank Golf Challenge, and DP World Tour Championships have set first prizes as $2m, $2.5m, and $3m respectively.