10 Easy Steps on How to Play Like a Blackjack Pro

10 Easy Steps on How to Play Like a Blackjack Pro

Blackjack is no doubt a trilling way to spend your free time on Casino games. This is especially true for those who have adopted the online simulations to replace the classic tables. However, it might not be easiest to get through, especially at the professional level. The good news is that there some very easy rules that anyone can learn in other to have a fighting chance in the game.

The aim of this article is to show you some fundamentals and strategies of blackjack to increase your winning odds.

Know the rules

Knowing the rules is a vital part of being successful. Unlike most games, blackjack can be played with a strategy, which means that it isn’t entirely a game of chance.

Begin with the basic strategy

Even though you can’t use strategies for beating the house edge, there are a good number of them in blackjack you can use to your advantage. Make sure to apply them.

Know when to split

Splitting in blackjack is not doubt beneficial to your round; but there are certain times it can also be detrimental. As a rule of thumb, always split 8’s and aces. Also, split when there’s a face-up in the possession of 2-9, with the player having a 5’s or 9’s pair (respectively).

When you should surrender?

You should only surrender on these two occasions – when you’re on 16 or 15 against a dealer with a 9 or 10 through an Ace respectively.

Mind when you double down

You can be easily tempted to fall into the trap of doubling down, just because you believe your hand is good. It is wise to avoid this with a soft total; but with a total close to 21 (hard close), you can double down.

Know when to hit

It is okay to be tempted to hit (i.e. request for card), but there are times it could also be risky. It is advised to avoid hitting whenever you attained totals from 12-16. Totals from 12-16 is enough risk as it is; so anything further it can be disastrous.

Know when to take a stand

There will be times where and when the odds turn against when you receive another card from the dealer. You want to stand at those times when you’ve either hit totals ranging 2-16 and definitely from 17-20.

Familiarize with side bets

Some avoid side bets because they have house edges; but with the know-how, this can be used to your advantage as the player. Some of these side bets include super sevens, 21+3, under/over thirteen and so on.

Your goal should be beating the dealer

There’s usually a misconception that to win you have to get 21. However, all it takes to win is beating the dealer. This means your total should either be higher than the dealer or stand on a value so high that will cause them to go bust trying to hit on.


I hope you find this mini guide valuable; and that it helps you improve your Blackjack game play.

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